Discreet stainless steel receptors on the surface with large containers below adapted to the waste collection trucks. Our unique system, provides an elegant solution to the problem of recycling in high footfall areas and can be used in places that traditional over-land bins would not be found. The designs can be tailored to suit the location and blend in with the surroundings. Promotes waste and recycling separation at source.

Sotkon - Above all a good environment.


Sotkon system reduces collection costs, increases recycling rates and above all provides a clean and pleasant environment. More than 20,000 underground bins are installed in municipalities across more than 12 countries. >

Waste Systems

Sotkon is the market leader in underground containers for the selective collection of household refuse. Different waste container systems can be used in the cities. >


Modular and different components can be adaptable to the waste containers systems and can be tailored to suit various requirements. >

Press cuttings

Click here to read about how the Sotkon waste systems has been used in various locations around the world. >